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Welcome to The Evolve Project!

We want to share with you our reason for initiating this national movement: Our goals and foundation center around creating a curriculum which  establishes real and measurable change in self-esteem and anti-bullying.  We have a genuine commitment to empower school age children as they navigate thru challenges and milestones. We are also, committed to parents and the challenges they face.

About The Evolve Project


THE EVOLVE PROJECT” is a performance arts anti bullying and positive self esteem initiative developed by Child Care Alliance Inc., a 501 C 3 non profit organization. Child Care Alliance traditionally has assisted hundreds of at-risk children and their families in Nashville, Tennessee for over 21 years. Our goal now is to extend our reach to children across the United States.  THE EVOLVE PROJECT is the brainchild of Cleta Paige-Cain, the Executive Director of Child Care Alliance. In her current role as a Youth Development Expert, she will utilize her more than 21 years of expertise with children and their families.


The Evolve Project will facilitate the program in schools, across the USA. Our presentations includes dancers, singers, actors, featuring Ms. Cleta Paige-Cain, delivering a powerful message of tolerance, acceptance and respect for self and others. [To see a portions of our presentation:   http://www.theevolveproject.org/?page_id=130


The campaign will enlist celebrities, dignitaries, community leaders, schools and ordinary people to share their own stories about how they overcame extraordinary circumstances and re-focused their lives to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  The Evolve Project has established workshops, music, viral social media campaign and other forms of media which will be used to help achieve our goals. Our interactive web site will allow educators, parents and our children a forum to network, empower, learn and problem solve.


The program will be distributed nationwide and presented to various television and radio networks as well as shown via the web.  Our tools will be available to school systems across the country and private use in child care and youth development facilities.


THE EVOLVE PROJECT welcomes ordinary people to share their extraordinary stories via the website in the fall of 2014.


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The Evolve Project