The Affects of Bullying in Schools and in the Workplace

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Living in fear or dread is no way for anyone to live! Bullying invokes these types of feelings. That is why “The Evolve Project” has committed to work toward a bully-free environment for all! “The Evolve Project” is nonprofit organization that has began a national campaign to bring awareness and problem solving tools to the work place, schools, colleges and children programs. Bullying affects both children and adults and each population deals with it in a different way. Lets look at the affect of bullying:

 Children Settings:

A child that encountered bullying either in school or cyber- bullying on the internet can experience the following:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Overeating and weight gain
  • Poor grades
  • Additional victimization[child that is bullied goes on the bully another child]
  • Heath problems
  • Suicidal thoughts 

Did you know that 300 children committed suicide because of cyber-bullying. Cyber bullying is when a  child or teen is tormented , harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or targeted by another child or teen via the internet or other forms of technology.

Examples of Cyber Bullying

  • Creating or forwarding a hurtful email
  • Sending offensive or threatening texts
  • Posting hurtful and false information about a person on a blog, website, or online bulletin board
  • Posting false or hurtful information on social media pages [ My Space, Twitter, Facebook]
  • Stealing a code or password and locking out a person out of their own account
  • Creating a voting or polling page to vote online for “the ugliest , fattest, dumbest boy/girl at___________ school”

Our workshop focuses on helping children to build positive relationships. We assist our children to identify whether or not they are engaging in bullying behaviors and if so, why? Allow motivational speaker and youth development expert Cleta Paige-Cain to bring “The Evolve Project” dancers to your school or childrens group to entertain, educate and teach our children how to self monitor and love themselves as they grow and change!  Call 615-227-8991 . We are at your service!

The Workplace:

An employee who experienced bullying in the workplace changes the way they see their work environment! It is because of this change the business or corporation can encounter the following :

  • Poor customer service
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Increased turnover
  • Increased cost for Employee  Assistance Programs {EAP’s] and recruitment, etc.
  • Increased Risk of accidents/incidents
  • Decreased productivity and motivation
  • Decreased morale
  • Increased stress
  • Reduced corporate image and customer confidence

The Department of Labor found that American corporations experience a drop in productivity in the amount of 13 billion dollars . 49% of American workers also have reported that they have been affected by workplace bullying either by witnessing abusive behavior against a coworker or being a target themselves. It is difficult for a worker to be a quality employee if they have been bullied.


Allow “The Evolve Project” to provide you with the assessment tools to evaluate your workplace and gauge if you have a problem and to what degree. Our assessment tools allows your employees to share their true feelings about the workplace without the fear of retribution. “The Evolve Project” Executive Director Cleta Paige-Cain gathers information and gives the assessment results to management.

“The Evolve Project” can also provide the following:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Conferencing [also referred to as “Dialogue Circles”]

Call 615-227-8991 to see how “The Evolve Project” can best serve your business or corporation. We are at your service!

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