When you are in the middle of concerns as it relates to bullying, sometimes it is hard to know what to do or what questions to ask. Below are resources provided by the Harvard Graduate School of Education . These resources align with the goals of The Evolve Project and focus on a holistic approach to problem solving bullying that involves the entire community working together to create positive and nurturing environments.


This resource provides several resources for parents, principals, teachers, and LGBT youth which focus primarily on building a person from the emotional , social and ethical point of view:





The resource below is primarily for parents that provide tools which help decrease bullying. Below are valuable questions parents can pose to schools to ensue a safe educational environment:











This resource can be utilized for principals and educators which focuses on creating a positive environment within the schools and promoting parent interaction and involvement:






The resource below can be utilized for students and provides questions that students can ask to understand the rules and policies within their particular school environment:





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