Let us be honest with one another. Children do not want to listen to an adult talk for 90 minutes! Would you agree? That is why The Evolve Project utilizes music, actors, dancers and singers to call to action our message of self respect, tolerance and respect for others!

Above you will see portions of our performance arts anti bullying and positive self esteem presentation in front of 500 middle school children named “Living Bully Free and Loving Me”.

The Evolve Project will go across the United States to initiate a national movement where children are empowered to take ownership of their school and internet environments. Our goals are to provide tools that allows our youth to take a stand when bullying is present and involve the adults in their life they trust, when there is conflict.

The Evolve Project quite simply, is a program that engages youth in a manner they can understand and identify!


The Evolve Project provides additional workshops which can be facilitated for administrators, teachers, parents, and the community. Please, navigate to Presentation and Workshop Content to view those options.


For bookings and pricing inquires, please call 615-973-3266.

The Evolve Project team is at your service!


If you or anyone in your life has been bullied , you know the emotional and physical scars bullying causes! Support our program with a donation here



Together, let’s help children live bully-free!





The Evolve Project