About Us

THE EVOLVE PROJECT” is a performance arts anti bullying and positive self esteem initiative developed by Child Care Alliance Inc., a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization. Child Care Alliance traditionally has assisted hundreds of at-risk children and their families in Nashville, Tennessee for over 21 years. It was this experience with children and their families which lead to the creation of THE EVOLVE PROJECT.

Children are being inundated with anti bullying messages, yet their is no significant change in bullying. We also realized that we couldn’t just lecture to youth for 90 minutes to get our message across. We would loose their attention which decreases the chance of being effective. The Evolve Project utilizes music, dancers, singers, actors and a powerful speaker with over 21 years of clinical experience to engage, educated, and call to action. This call of action focuses upon taking ownership and responsibility for any environment that bullying, or conflict exist. The Evolve Project encourages our youth to continue to seek help from an adult whom they trust, until the issue or concern is problem solved! We also educate parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders of the intricacies of their role, and its importance as it relates to keeping children aware and safe.

Our artist sincerely believe in the vision and purpose of The Evolve Project. The performers consist of professionals who volunteer a large portion of their time because they understand the real potential of our children! The Evolve Project is unique because we utilize the language, music, dance, and various performance arts that young adults can relate thus increasing our chances of becoming an effective tool for change!

The Evolve Project’s long term goal is to create a national movement that empowers youth to tap into their own personal power and strength!

The Evolve Project