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The Evolve Project is aware of the special challenges parents face. That is why we are developing resources that can address these special circumstances. One resource will be our Parents Corner forum which allows parents from all across the USA to share their issues or concerns with the children in their lives as it relates to bullying and how parents address or problem solve these issues. Parents will also have access to our Principal and Teacher Symposium and Kids Talk forums where parents can ask questions or just read valuable information from a very unique point of view!

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Another resource for parents is my new book named “How To Raise A Good Person”. This book is a accumulation of over 21 years of experience with children from the ages of 6 weeks to 18 years. I worked my way through college in mental health centers with youth who had severe behavioral and mental heath problems. As a former counselor for the State of Tennessee, I worked in a residential treatment facility as a front line member of a treatment team with psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, teachers, and other professionals. I also was the Executive Director of a nonprofit childcare for 14 years with low income, at risk youth. I have worked with very difficult populations of children and it is these experiences and other preventative knowledge that I share in my book.

Here is sample of the information you will find within ” How To Raise A Good Person“;



  • The reason that bullying is increasing is due to parents who are not part of their children’s social media and technological world.
  • Many times the reason a child is a bully is because the parent is a bully!
  • “Detective Parenting” is the only way a parent can verify their child is applying the life skills being taught in the home and how the child is occupying their time.
  • An occasional periodic change to a parents schedule is essential to parenting and keeps your children on their toes.
  • Children do not have complete privacy in a parents home until they move out!
  • It is more important that a parent be a parent and not their child’s friend.
  • Some parents give their children material things, when the most important thing you can give your child in your time!
  • Parents should not use the child as a pawn to hurt each other in a divorce. Their positive or negative example will affect children’s future relationships!
  • Lack of absence of consistent discipline is the major reason there is chaos is the home and why some parents are scared of their own children!

My book is in the final editing phase! If you are interested in purchasing my book, please send your email address and name to and I will put you on the list for the first individuals who will be able to download the book ! The book should be available by the end of August. You will be notified as soon as it is accessible!

You will read some very powerful stories of some of the hundreds of children that I have had the honor and privilege to learn from and have in my life! Some of these stories may change your personal and family life.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to sharing this book with you.

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