Workplace Bullying



The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) define bullying as a non-physical form of workplace violence. Bullying is not merely an arched eyebrow or raised voice, it is a systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction launched by one person, with many others soon joining in, to destroy another person’s health, status, identity, job, career, and sometimes even their family.

• 49% of American workers reported they have been affected by workplace bullying, either by witnessing abusive behavior against a coworker, or being a target themselves.

• The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health calculated that 2010 bullying costs companies $19 billion in a loss of employment and $13 billion in a drop in productivity. Bullies cost company’s money in employee turnover and sick days as well, which further ads to our suffering economy.

• 62% of employees who reported bullying in the workplace reported that the bullying has increased.



Is your company losing revenue due to workplace bullying?

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The Evolve Project can also provide the following:

• Conflict Resolution

• Mediation

• Conferencing ( also referred to as “Dialogue Circles”)

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